Stroll Up
:: Master Thesis Project
:: Pratt Institute

Using a stroller in a subway station has been a long-standing problem for many young parents in New York City. This is the most noticeable and difficult issue for young parents, and puts a barrier between them and their city. As an industrial designer, my role is to design a product that can change the user’s behavior and lead to a better experience. 
Stroller in New York
The most challenging issue is to climb up and down the stairs. Urban parents commonly seek help from other passengers to go through the subway system. Another frequent problem is, due to its size, the stroller occupies too much space in the train and blocks the entrance.
According to MTA stats (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), average weekday ridership was 5.6 million in 2014, and only 85 among total 469 stations were accessible with elevators. On top of the facts, the MTA safety rules stated that people were not allowed to take an unfolded stroller on a bus.
Stroll and carry
What if a stroller could transform into a carrier when the agility to cross over difficult terrains is needed, and when back on the ground, it returns to a full-size stroller that allows me to easily continue on to a longer distance stroll.
Stroll Up
Stroll Up is an urban-friendly stroller that allows young parents to independently adapt to the various, mass-transit situations in the city. It is designed to be easily transformed from a stroller to a baby carrier depending on different scenarios, to better align with a user’s need.
Stroller x Carrier
Stroll Up differs from the many attempts to create a wheeled product that climbs the stairs. I started from the user’s perspective, creating the design by extracting the strengths of two conventional products, combining them with a creative yet practical approach. The handle is designed to fit human’s shoulder and covered with flexible, high-density foam that can provide comfortability while being carried.

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