Bento is a pebble-like lunch container for kids with practical functions and a boost of freezer pack to keep their fruits chilled for extra hours. Bento comes with two smaller-sized containers, a removable and microwavable tray, a freezer pack, and a carrying loop.  
Customize Your Lunch

With two modular containers plus leak-proof lids (4.5oz and 2oz), crafty moms are encouraged to make delicious and nutritious meals with all different configurations. Containers are designed to nest in the removable tray with dedicated pockets, so they will keep your food from being mixed together even when it's held side way. 
Chill or Reheat

Place a freezer pack under the tray to keep the food fresh for extra hours .
Or use the removable tray to reheat the food in the microwave. 
Soft Carrying Loop

Soft touch TPU handle makes Bento easy to carry or fit in any backpack.  Containers also fit snug in tray and stay in place during transport.

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