Floral Ice Tray
:: Client: 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo

Floral Ice Tray was the first product I designed that was launched in the market. It is a creative ice mold that encourages slow living and evokes people’s memories of appreciating the floral blossom especially in this fast-paced society. Taiwan is famous for its diversity of floral plants and we are accustomed to seeing flora blossom in certain seasons. I wanted to refer to this popular activity among Taiwanese people and brought this experience into our daily life. Floral Ice Tray received Taipei Industrial Design Award and was selected as the official gift of Taipei International Flora Expo in 2010.
As an island with diverse terrains, Taiwan has a wide spectrum of different flowers. I incorporated the famous flower with the paper-cutting art originated from traditional Chinese ornamental craft. When the ice came out from the mold, it gave a sense of a blossoming flower floating on the tea.
Floral Ice Tray is made out of food-safe silicone, which is easy to bend and helps release the ice.

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