:: Collaboration: Newcode Design Studio

In 2017, I had this chance to work on this project with two of my friends, Kirin, and Damien. Kirin is a professional guitar performer and has this passion of developing gadgets and accessories tailoring to musicians like himself. Later, his passion led him to form Endaw in 2015, a design-centric brand focused on guitar related products. 
I was responsible for creating the design through idea sketches to 3d modelings, with the professional aids of Damien from Newcode design studio, who looked over the production side and worked with the factory directly. 

Light Weight Pedal Board

Pebbles 5 is a light weight pedal board designed for musicians. The goal is to enhance its portability and utilize the lightness of the aluminum. The Pebble S celebrates the aesthetics of the metal unibody and the simple, functional geometry.

From the discussion we are aware of the common issues that cables underneath the board could become loose and troublesome — come off or cause a short circuit.
Slip Clip system is a creative approach that helps organize and secure the cables. Its quick release mechanism is exclusively designed to fit under the board and to be easy to slide left to right and snap on/off.

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